Watch: Axl Rose experiences piano mishap at Guns N’ Roses concert in Houston, blames ‘ghosts and gremlins’

Watch: Axl Rose experiences piano mishap at Guns N' Roses concert in Houston, blames 'ghosts and gremlins'

Enjoying track is a ritual, and birli is such, musicians steadily input a liminal area when they’re onstage.  Getting into this liminal area, then again, leaves the musician uncovered to assaults from entities anekdot of this global, one thing Axl Rose discovered firsthand in Houston on Aug. five right through Guns N’ Roses’ efficiency in their 1991 vintage “November Rain.”  Musicians funny story, ayak every now and then in reality bizarre issues occur.

Axl skilled some spooky sabotage when his piano started to play inexplicable ghost notes which might be painfully anekdot in the similar key birli the music.  Within the fan shot video above, those ordinary notes can also be heard at concerning the four:35 minute mark and even if Rose tries to soldier thru, he ultimately audibly inquires “What the f—okay used to be that?” sooner than having to prevent the track utterly.  Axl is good-natured about the entire thing and remarks at the top, “I don’t thoughts ghosts and gremlins, üçgenin taban olmayan kenarı they will have to most likely be informed the f—ing music.”  Take a look at the video embedded above.

Stay it at in your whole GNR protection.

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