50 Netball Team Name Ideas That Sound Remarkably Audacious

50 Netball Team Name Ideas That Sound Remarkably Audacious

Did You Know?
Netball is the number 1 ladies’s game in nations like Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and Fiji.

James Naismith had invented males’s basketball in 1890, and he used to be requested to create a ladies’s model of the similar recreation via the Boston YMCA, and thus, the miniature model of netball recreation used to be shaped. This later unfold to different nations thru English faculty academics within the early 1900s.

Ladies become adept on this recreation, however tweaked the sport via dividing the courtroom into thirds and presented a brand new rule that stated that the ball will have to be stuck or touched once or more in each and every 3rd with out operating with the ball. The blackboard used to be overlooked and the hoop used to be decreased to a smaller measurement football ball, thus developing “netball” that we all know lately. Given beneath are some sassy identify tips in your staff:

Netball Team Names

The Mighty Morphins
Jalapeno Hotties
Fireplace Respiring Kittens
Bad Divas
Scorching Photographs
Bone Crushin Ballerinas
Eye Sweet Chicks
Cherry Bombs
Stars & Stripes
The Shining Shimmers
The FlyBallers
Capturing Stars
American AllStars
Smokin Aces
The Opposition
Recreation, Set and Grasp
Netballs to the wall
Tyrannoballus Rex
Nets Most sensible Style
Sweaty Bettys
Pitch Slap
Viscious and Scrumptious
One Hit Wonders
The Y-Nots!
Warrior Queens
Victorious Secret
Bearded Clams
Chasing Rainbows
Crafty Stunts
Venomous Vixens
One Hit Wonders
Poison Ivy
Rowdy Rockets
Ruff Riders
Grimy Dozen
Los angeles Flames
Lemon Photographs
Team Kaos
Team Titans
All the time on Most sensible
The Jetsetters
Hocus Pocus
The Knackerbags
Nads and Borks

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